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 WHY LOGO PROMO SHOP? Our standard at Logo Promo Shop is excellence in the promotional product marketplace. Our goal is to be your friendly one stop shop for logo imprinted promotional products. We take special care when selecting promotional items and all of our promo products are backed with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.


About Us

We are a full service advertising Specialty Company offering a wide range of promotional items to promote your company. We can help you find cost effective ways to market and promote your business with custom promotional items that will speak out loud to your customers. With the large number of promotional companies we work with, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Business Leaders, Supported.  Because we want to be your partner in business we would like to share a few thoughts regarding our business philosophy. Running a successful business is a challenging experience for any entrepreneur. It doesn’t take long to realize that a great deal of work is required to achieve and maintain relevance and customer loyalty in today’s aggressive and ever-changing business environment. During the process of establishing a successful business, experience is gained in a step-wise fashion through various developmental phases. Although much patience and vigorous learning are required, the rewards are great- so never be discouraged! We hope that the following tips- gleaned from our personal experience- will help build your enthusiasm and guide your business decisions. Your Logo Promo Shop team is always standing by, ready to offer professional advice to any organization or business.

Quality First, Guaranteed. Achieving success in product sales and development requires first of all a quality product- quality must be the foundation of your business. We recommend that as a business leader you personally check the quality of your products. This will ensure that what you sell is the best it can be in the current marketplace. We at Logo Promo Shop are meticulous when choosing products for our site; rest assured, when you chose products from our site you are choosing from the best promotional products on the market. Success also requires that business leaders consider their products from the customer’s point of view. We do not offer products we would not like to use ourselves. Our team at Logopromoshop.com is committed to helping you achieve success. We do this by offering only services and products of the highest quality to you, our client.

 Outstanding Customer Service, Delivered. The second most important factor in developing a successful product is delivery of your product. When we say ‘delivery’, we mean this in more than a literal sense, although actual product delivery that is timely and hassle-free for the customer is crucial. The term ‘delivery’ also refers to how your product or business is ‘packaged’ and presented to the customer. In this regard, packaging your business or product with hospitality and helpful, friendly customer service is critical and something that should never be compromised. Evaluate your business and ask yourself if the quality of your customer service matches the quality of your products. Ask yourself and others what else can be done to make customers happy. Remember customer satisfaction is the key to opening the door of success. To demonstrate our sincerity, all of our services and products come with a 100% guaranteed satisfaction promise.

Proper Marketing, Accomplished. Never underestimate the value of good marketing strategies. Good, effective marketing will always bring more to your business; it will keep existing customers returning and will open doors to new ones.  Hiring good sales personnel and selecting beneficial marketing campaigns are important keys to increasing business revenue and building new infrastructure. As a business leader make sure to do your homework on the demographics of your targeted clientele.  Make sure that your marketing campaign is geared to the specific wants and needs of this group before spending money on it. Your team at Logo Promo Shop is ready to work shoulder to shoulder with you- we have years of experience in the marketing field and can guide you with essential tips for starting a business or launching  your own marketing campaigns.

Knowledge About Cutting Edge Technology, Adopted. New technologies are evolving daily, opening doors to new ways of doing business. For example, the internet is now used in the business industry to such an extent that successful business is dependent on it. For you as a business leader, having current information about technology is a MUST. New technologies are constantly being developed in response to the requirements and demands of each successive generation; ignorance of technology trends will be a big setback for any business. At Logo Promo Shop we recognize the increasing competitiveness of the business world and the importance of adapting to your ever changing business needs.  As a result we are using the best of current technology to come up with solutions that will benefit your business.  We even take this thinking another step by looking ahead to identify future trends and upcoming tech tools that can be used to assist you, our customer and fellow business leader.

Logo Promo Shop, At-Your-Service.
At Logo Promo Shop we offer you top quality products; customer service based on hospitality; and timely, no-hassle delivery. Our marketing and use of current technology will make using our services a pleasant and easy experience.  You can count on us to keep you up to date on current trends in the promotion industry and ensure your hard earned revenue is spent on products designed to bring results.

As you can see, we have built our success by applying- in a modern way-the same essential tools that have been used by entrepreneurs for centuries. We will gladly share with you the lessons we have learned over years in the world of business. Call us today for your promotional products or browse through our product selection on our website.  Submit a quote and one of our staff will gladly call you within a reasonable time to discuss your promotional programs.

If you have any questions or want to place a telephone order, please feel free to contact us in any of the following ways:

Sales & Customer Service:

Toll-Free Phone: 844.305.3330

Company Email: info@logopromoshop.com

Our Promise is.  Logo Promo Shop offers proofs and rush orders, so you can be sure any orders you place will meet your expectations and arrive on time. We also accept returns in the event of an error or misprint within a few days. Please make sure that you inspect your orders upon delivery.